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Портрет молодой девушки

Irina Ivanova

Good day! I want to thank Nicholas for quality work and, as a consequence, great result!
We photographed in the genres of family photos and baby pictures.
My kids are all 4 Months, but Nicholas was able to find an approach to them, take the correct angle, make great pictures. To work with this remarkable photographer – pleasure (gives advice, creates a relaxed atmosphere, where you do not feel closed, liberate). Referring to this photograph many times in the near future. Thanks again for the excellent work and memorable pictures!
Sincerely, Irina Ivanova (1-Zachatyevsky Lane, E.6 )
DT0B0029Natasha and Sergeй Nicholas! Away with your spouse, take very much for your work! We are delighted with the photos. Nicholas – one photographer, which we would like to see on your wedding. Rada, that one of the happiest days of our lives have been ” in the hands of a real professional. I'm so glad, that we found you, and yet it happened quite by accident:))
imageSinger Katherine We videotaped and recorded the song in a professional recording studio Bitratestudio singer Katrin Kato and invited to make a reportage photography Nicholas Monakhova! We loved the professionalism and creativity of Nicholas! Thank you for your ideology, creativity, ability to convey a full and complete image of a very important skill for us – join in the process as well and harmoniously! Very pleased with our cooperation and get photos! Thanks, Nicholas! and see you soon!
DT0B4627Pavel and Svetlana Nicholas, Thank you for the wonderful pictures, great job!
DT0B7597Anatoliй and Svetlana Aaaaaaaaa,we are delighted!!!!! Feyerichno,handsomely,memorable! We loved every single photo! Slideshow insane! As far as men are chary of tears(moreover,after watching the wedding video(mural),her husband was not such a reaction,as after a slide show),it proshibla tear! I was very impressed,I think,it means a lot!)))plunge into extremely romantic atmosphere of the day,these pictures are fascinating…very cool! On a day with you and to be a good professional and a good person! This is Nicholas! Many thanks once again! )))
pv_204348Actresses Irina Denisova Saw the wedding photos of friends, who did Nicholas. Very nice, gently. Unusually. :) Thank you Nicholas for such beautiful testimony of one of the finest mysteries on Earth.
николай-и-юляNicholas and Julia Nicholas) impossibly nice, positive and wonderful person) And wonderful, truly talented, photographer!
Very nice to take pictures! thank you so much, That's what a true professional of his craft.
евгений-ольгаEugene and Olga Kolyayayayayayayayaya family viewed!what a beauty!!!thank you very much!!!!!!!!from the heart!!!!!!!!!)))))are you umnichka)))))))Thank you for everything))))))loved the video and great photos)))You have a talent, hope ,what are you going to continue to develop))))))Thank you very much!!!!!!!We want to thank Nicholas,that brightened our holiday in Egypt an excellent photographer!!!Nick you are not just a wonderful photographer,you to all his other virtues also a great ,good,positive and creative person!!!!We were very pleased to serve as your models!))))Thanks for the happy hours,that you spent with us !success and promote your !!!!Raduy more with the bright and beautiful works!Olga and Eugene!)
y_8b733172Nadia Winnick Very good photographer!!! He has excellent photo!!! I can say it, the artist, who knows as feed image, composition, and other important matters. But the main, not even that! Point, what this man does everything with love!!! This is the key to the success of this photographer!!! Thanks, Nicholas, for the quality of!!! I wish you prosperity!!! All strongly suggest the photographer Nicholas Monakhova!!!
Портрет фотографа Сэма

Sam Pelly


Nikolay is a wonderful passionate man….& this shines through in the images he takes. He has a love for life & i have enjoyed working with him.
Sam Pelly ( England )





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